Dying Man’s Final Wish Granted by Animal Charity

  • 22 March 2012

This week, told the touching story of Rod Calvert, a former marine who, on a routine health-check trip to Pittsburgh, was told by doctors that he had just a few days to live. The liver cancer that he had beaten a few years previously had come back, and he was too ill to return to his home in Florida. His dying wish was to see his beloved pet Labrador, Bailey, just one more time.

Thanks to a great organisation called Pilots N Paws, and the help of dozens of volunteers, Rod’s wish was granted. Usually the charity focuses on transporting shelter dogs across the U.S. to new Forever Homes, but when they heard about Rod’s plight from one of his nurses, they made an exception, flying 7-year-old Bailey the distance to his hospice bed.

The cheerful yellow Lab “smiled” her way through the long journey and on arrival, apparently leapt up on her surprised master’s bed, staying with him until he passed away. Pilots N Paws co-founder Debi Boies said, “[Rod] could not believe she was there… She’s a big girl and she actually jumped up on his bed. She then kept watch over him and would put her paws on him and look at him. She watched him and helped him let go. I believe it brought him great comfort in those last hours.”

After three final days with his dog by his side, Rod Calvert lost his battle with the disease on March 14th. Boies added: “Roger and Bailey touched so many people in so many ways. I’m very honoured we were able to get her there in time.”

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